Why I Choose Organic Alternatives To Cow Milk For My Kids

As parents we only want the absolute best for our children. Sound machines to sleep well, flashcards to stimulate their brain (they will be advanced… yes, I’m that Mom) and toys to hit those developmental milestones. Okay, I’m kidding about most of that list, but I do ensure they have a diet that is packed with healthy, organic nutrients to help them thrive. 


Why organic you ask? 


Choosing organic foods and cereals for your little ones refers to the way farmers grow and process products, such as fruit, vegetables, grains, dairy and meat. Farmers don’t use chemical fertilisers or pesticides in organic foods, also causing less pollution and dangerous waste. When non-orgnanic food is produced it arrives at the grocery store with chemicals like glyphosate in it. Glyphosate is an herbicide used by grain farmers to kill weeds. The healthy bacteria in our gut actually possesses the same critical biochemical pathways as weeds. Foods that contain glyphosate can wipe out your much needed gut flora that is important for a healthy immune system.  Let that sink in for a minute. 


After the age of one we started the twins on organic cow’s milk. Shortly after that I started to notice patches of dry, red areas popping up all over Ranger’s legs, the creases behind his knees and back of his arms. He was diagnosed with eczema. As a dermatology nurse I was already well aware of irritants to babies delicate skin. We use natural skin care products, and laundry detergents free of chemicals to help protect his skin. So I started looking at his diet more closely to see if that could be what was exacerbating his skin condition. By eliminating foods and checking his skin for improvement we were able to narrow it down to cow’s milk. 


Due to this sensitivity, we started looking for alternative foods to cow’s milk to add to Ranger’s diet. We found Kabrita’s organic multigrain and apple cinnamon porridges are made with goat’s milk. 


Why we love Kabrita:

-The entire Kabrita product line is is certified glyphosate free!

-Compared to cow milk, goat milk protein forms a smaller, softer, and looser curd in the tummy, leading to quick and easy digestion.


-The fats in goat milk are also naturally easy to digest. They are smaller than cow milk fats and rich in beneficial short and medium chain fatty acids.


-Goat milk contains 6x the amount of gut-supportive prebiotic oligosaccharides.


-Goat milk is rich in critical nutrients, like calcium with no added sugars. They only use non-GMO and organic ingredients!

They boys love the apple cinnamon porridge and I even use it to bake. Plus they have goat cheese snack puffs that are perfect when you are on the go! You can find more information about Kabrita and how to get a FREE trial kit offer here


It’s Your Birthday! Enjoy a Free Birthday Gift From Sephora

Birthdays…Another year around the sun…another year to celebrate your BAD self! I never understand when people don’t want to celebrate getting older. I like to look at it like this… yasss babe look at everything you have accomplished, and look at you go with your wise, old self. I believe in birthday months and take joy in all the perks from free workout classes, to cupcakes, and even a free teeth cleaning my dentist! Let’s be honest I really look forward to my free birthday gift from the Sephora Beauty Insider birthday program.

If you are a Sephora Beauty Insider member (trust me you should be) and it is your birthday month you get to choose a free, complimentary birthday gift! This month you can pick between the Kat Von D mini set, filled with line’s best selling items like her tattoo liner, setting powder, and high pigmented creme lipsticks or try the Drunk Elephant mini set that includes the Beste Jelly Cleanser and Protini Polypeptide cream.

If you are a VIB or Rouge member in the Sephora Beauty Insider program, you get even more perks! On top of the Kat Von D and Drunk Elephant mini sets you also have the choice of adding 250 bonus points to spend on anything you like from the Rewards Bazaar OR you can choose the surprise online-only mini set option. Sephora just revealed that its new surprise gift is a Jo Malone mini set (these online options are available only for a limited so run…don’t walk to Sephora)!

So naturally since I spend large amounts of time stalking beauty and skin care items at Sephora I am a VIB. So during March, my birthday month, I got to choose one item from these three mini sets: Kat Von D, Drunk Elephant, and Jo Malone, or the choice of receiving 250 bonus points.

I was thrilled about the Kat Von D mini set, because it has three items to try! I used the translucent setting powder to hold my makeup in place, gave myself a winged eye in under 3 minutes with the tattoo liner (which I should get a gold medal for), and completed my look the Lolita Studded Kiss creme lipstick. I had never used any Kat Von D products before and I loved the rich pigments and long lasting wear!

I’ve always heard about Drunk Elephant products from my dermatology patients at work. They are always a big hit due to the fact that their products never contain the “Suspicious 6”. Meaning all items are free of essential oils, drying alcohols, silicones, chemical screens, fragrances/dyes and SLS. The Beste Jelly Cleanser and Protini Polypeptide Cream left my skin feeling glowing and hydrated. If you have dry, sensitive skin you will love this mini set.

Lastly, I have always been a huge fan of Jo Malone perfume. This mini set came with the Peony & Blush Suede fragrance. It is perfect for spring time with its light and airy notes made of red apple, rose and jasmine. I am always really picky when it comes to perfumes, but this one was a hit.

Not a member of Sephora Beauty Insider program yet?? What are you waiting for!? Go enjoy some serious perks and pamper yourself during your birthday month! Sign up in store or online at Sephora.com/Rewards !

Kid Friendly Holiday Health-ade Kombucha Recipe

I always like to add some extra flare to the holidays for the kiddos. Now that Willow is older and can really make memories of our Christmas season, I like to find fun activities for us to do together. We love to cook and often whip up holiday recipes. So this time I got creative with our Health-ade Kombucha. Honestly I can’t get her to eat certain vegetables, but she can down a glass of Kombucha. It just blows my mind! At least I know she is getting a good dose of healthy probiotics and in her mind she is drinking a fizzy soda. We are gonna let that one keep going before she realizes the difference! By the way a Health-ade Kombucha has so much LESS sugar than a regular soda too!!

So I thought I would share this fun holiday drink with you all, so you can make it with your little ones as well. You know they are the best little helpers, so let them pour, mix, and garnish away!


  1. In a mug or glass add ice
  2. Pour 3/4 apple cider into cup
  3. Pour 1/4 Health-ade Kombucha Holiday Cheer into cup
  4. Stir
  5. Garnish with cinnamon sticks
  6. Taste the holiday joy!

The New Way To Shop With Trunk Club Clubhouse

Raise your hand if you live for sweater weather, pumpkin spice everything and the beginning of the holidays! My favorite season is almost upon us… Fall! One thing I always strive to have in my closet are transitional pieces that can carry me from summer to fall. I look at them like investments and true staple items for my wardrobe. Think dresses used for layering, cropped jackets, and booties. The problem is I don’t always have the time (ahem I have three children) to shop for them and call me old fashioned I actually enjoy being able to try on items before I purchase them!

You might have heard me talk about Trunk Club a few times before on the blog or social media channels. I started using their service over a year ago and it is amazing. If you’re not familiar, Trunk Club is a personal styling service for men and women, perfect if you don’t have much time to shop, or you are looking for help from a stylist. You can shop with Trunk Club in person at one of their six Clubhouses (Boston, Chicago, Dallas, DC, LA, and NYC). The layout and the decor of each club house is seriously to die for. You are offered a refreshment from the bar the minute you check in for your appointment and are given your own private fitting room. These are not your average fitting rooms and the attention to detail is impeccable. Seriously, you will want to move in… or hire their interior designer!



Prior to my appointment my stylist, Simone and I brainstormed on the transitional items I was looking for and then she pulled together several pieces for me. When I arrived there was a clothing rack full of the most beautiful clothes calling my name. I enjoyed a mimosa, while Simone curated outfits for me complete with bags and jewelry.


I often have a really hard time trying on clothes and I usually ponder over purchasing things. The reality is I buy things in the wrong sizes and impulsively purchase items I bring home only to wear once. My friends literally make fun of me for this! At Trunk Club, Simone found the perfect fit for me, showed me how to style items several different ways and even pulled clothes I normally wouldn’t pick out for myself. Going to the Trunk Club LA Clubhouse made me feel like an actual princess for a day! I left with new outfits I could wear now and during the colder weather as well. It was a full day of shopping success! Find a Trunk Club Clubhouse near you and experience the fun for yourself! You will thank me!


I’m aging and here is what I am doing about it!


One of the first questions I get as a dermatology nurse is when do I need to start caring from my skin and what treatments do you use??


My answer… it is never too early to work on your skin care game and we shouldn’t even begin talking about treatments until we get your every day skin care products in check! The truth is we start aging as early as our 20’s and your skin’s repair mechanisms actually start slowing down around age 25. So the point is we could all use a little help so that we look damn good through the decades…right? Since facts don’t lie what you are putting on your skin now will determine how it looks later on. So NOW is the time to invest in anti-aging treatments, but that doesn’t mean it has to break the bank!


I’ve partnered with La La Daisy, a site that brings you the products you love for a fraction of the cost. They carry a multitude of high end skin, hair and makeup products at no additional mark up. I’m talking all the same products you would find at Sephora, Ulta or the Dermstore for less! This is the perfect starting point for stocking your skin care product arsenal! Use code Thechicmamas for 15% off your order!

Now let’s get down to the crucial tid bits you want to know! Here are my tried and true skin care tips for anti-aging!


  1. Always wash your face morning and night, even in between if you do something like hit the gym. Going without washing your face leads to sweat, makeup, and oil clogging yoru pores. This leads to dilated pores and a dull appearance to your skin. Unless you need a medicated wash for acne, find a gentle cleanser.
  2. Eye creams are a must! The skin around the eye area often is one of the first places to show age. Right now I am loving this Elastiderm Eye Cream.
  3. Find a serum that helps accelerates cellular turnover and thus aid in anti-aging. Serums that contain retinol to regenerate the skin and vitamin C to help moisturize and fight free radicals. I always ensure my face is damp prior to adding serum and I add water to my fingers before pumping out the product.
  4. SPF… the skin care product of all skin care products. You will always need to apply sun screen every morning. I have so many patients that I am treating for sun spots all along the left side of their faces or their “driver’s side”. They never thought they needed sunscreen while driving in the car!! SPF should be your BFF.
  5. Find a great moisturizer and then boost it with some hyaluronic acid (as long as you are not acne prone). Hyaluronic acid is a big drink of water for your skin and will boost your moisturizer while protecting your skin’s barrier!
  6. Remember your hands, neck, and chest need love too! I apply most of my skin care products to all of these areas as well! They need SPF too!

Why you need to love your post partum body…

The internet is an amazing thing that allows you to connect with people and research the heck out of life. Yet it also has the ability to us a great disservice in regards to social pressure to keep up with what appears to be the norm. One of the most unrealistic messages I have seen lately is in regards to women and bouncing back to their pre-baby forms. After having my twins I actually had to… gasp…unfollow some accounts with hashtags like #prebabyweight or #mombodygoals. I know those women work hard for that amazing physique but women do not need the pressure to remove all traces that they just gave birth! So I’ve partnered with Icon Underwear to share some ways I am owning my Mom Bod, dealing with some post baby issues and still loving myself along the way.
1. If you follow me on Instagram than you know I have talked about all the joys that come with motherhood. We are magical unicorns that birth humans, and it is an experience you will never forget! You know what else you will never forget?  The first time you pee your pants when you laugh, sneeze or try to workout! The last bootcamp I was at I had to tell the instructor that I could not do one more burpee because II literally just peed my pants (don’t judge me…it happens!). I don’t let a little leakage deter me from living a healthy lifestyle post partum. I found Icon undies that provide absorbent, comfortable and cute underwear. They have several styles ranging from hi-waisted, hip huggers, bikini and thongs…ain’t no granny panties here. Use code ABBY 5 at Icon for $5 off your first pair.
2. Do you realize the stress your body endured for you to carry a baby or multiples for up to 9 months? Then your body went through the marathon that is childbirth! So obviously your body has changed! My twins are 7 months old and to this day I still wear maternity clothes. I have hips and a butt, and some pretty stretched out skin in places. I tell myself every morning that if I am strong enough to birth three kids… well I am officially a badass and my new body is beyond strong. It is possible to be strong and healthy while having curves! I suggest putting these mantras on post its and sticking it to your bathroom mirror or computer to remind yourself of how magical you are!
3. Pregnancy doesn’t only change your body, it can also cause some unexpected changes to your hair! Usually once your hormones balance out after  baby, there is a dip in estrogen which causes you to shed the hair your body held onto while you were pregnant. I am talking clumps of hair coming out people… and short randoms hair sticking up all over your head! I actually embraced this one and used it as me time! I got a sitter, and off to the salon I went for a cut and color. Even if you don’t have the time to swing that, go to your drugstore, buy a hair mask and sit in the bath having 5 minutes of alone time. Thus caring for your self and your hair. Don’t worry new hair growth is happening, it just takes a minute to catch up!
4. Your feet might swell during pregnancy, and stay bigger even after your delivery. I was a size 8 my entire life until I had children. My doctor relates this to the relaxing of ligaments during pregnancy that can cause your feet to spread. For some people the change is permanent, but not for everyone. I am now a proud size 9… and apparently it is here to stay. Silver lining, I sold some of my shoes to put towards new pairs that actually fit. After all who doesn’t like shoe shopping!
Remember to be kind to yourself. Remember that you created life from that gorgeous body! Remember that I am here to completely show you what real life Motherhood looks like! Remember to appreciate that extra curve, dimple and even when you pee on yourself (trust me it’s gonna happen)… after all look at what your body has given you… that precious little baby!

Making Parenting Goof-Proof With Ezy Dose Kids

Brace yourselves, winter is coming and by winter I mean runny noses, coughs and colds. Being a nurse you would think I have anything health care related covered. Yet when it comes to my own kids I have had many #momfails when it comes to illnesses and ailments in my household. So let me just share with you my top three:


  1. When Willow had her first fever, I was that Mom who was calling the pediatrician at 2am asking how much medicine should give her. Only to realize I had lost the syringe to administer the medicine with. Nothing like ripping apart your medicine cabinet with a screaming baby in the middle of the night.
  2. If you are a parent I am sure you have had to use a device to suck the snot out of your kid’s nose at some point. Yes… I actually just said that… you will do anything for your kids am I right?? Our doctor told us to use this device in which you suck the snot out of your child’s nose through a tube. My husband and I might have done rock, paper, scissors to see who would take on this joyous duty. Needless to say, I ended up being assigned to the task, while my husband started dry heaving in the corner.
  3. I remember using a syringe trying to administer medicine into Willow’s mouth when she was baby. In my mind I was delicately putting tiny drops into her mouth, but instead I squirted the entire contents into the back of her throat causing her to cough, choke, and gag. Serious Mom fail.

In the moment these were all highly anxious situations in which I felt ill equipped and completely unprepared to care for my sick baby. Looking back now all I can say is you live, you learn and you need to laugh along the way to survive. Also, you need to stock your house with an arsenal of products to fight the never-ending runny nose phase my kids will most likely be in from October until March. With school back in session and the cold season fast approaching Ezy Dose Kids comes in handy and it is just that, easy. They have innovative products that help you make your little ones all better and make parenting a sick child goof-proof.


Ezy Dose Kids lets you take the worry out of tending to your children with amazing products like the True Easy Syringe that lets you precisely measure medicine down to the last drop. Where was that syringe when I needed it at 2 am?!


Oh, and they created a Nose-Pals that helps clear congestion. But Nose-Pals is the only product that allows you to BLOW into the device to create a suction. No more fighting over who has to suck the snot of your kid’s nose.  Which personally I think is a game changer for those with a weak stomach!


They also have a Medi-Pals that helps the medicine go down so your child doesn’t gag. The Medi-Pals unique split nipple design that dispenses the liquid down the inside of your child’s cheek. So therefore no more accidental choking your child with medicine…I know my kids are somewhere thanking the heavens for this one!


Ezy Dose Kids literally has you and your children covered for whatever germs come your way. Click here to get a 20% off the Ezy Dose Kids items on Amazon and learn more at Ezydosekids.com.

Photo Credit: Kate Hauschka 

I’ve partnered with Ezy Dose Kids on this post, all opinions expressed are my own.


Shop The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale With Trunk Club Women


How many times do you look in your closet and say I have nothing to wear? Or maybe you just need a little help putting together a completed look.

How does a personal stylist sound? Someone that hand picks a tailored selection of clothes and accessories just for you based on your style, input and sizes.

Let me share a little something with you that I have been using to create many of my looks for the blog and everyday life. Trunk Club Women is a service that sets you up with your own personal stylist to help you build your wardrobe essentials! You can chat with your stylist online or in person at one of their six Trunk Club Clubhouses! I just had the best time shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale with my stylist this past week at the Culver City Trunk Club Clubhouse.



How it works:


You share your size, style and fit preference with your personal stylist, who then hand picks specific items just for you! From clothes to jewelry to handbags, or even sunglasses, your Trunk Club personal stylist curates looks according to your input.


I told my personal stylist, Alex, that I was looking for fun summer and fall trends from the Nordstrom Anniversary sale (starting July 20th through August 5th there are tons of great deals during the Anniversary sale, starting from 25-50% off)! I also made sure to emphasize the type of fit I prefer or which body part I wanted to showcase. Since I am getting back in shape post babies, I like to show my arms and wear more loose fitting tops and dresses to flatter my post baby body.

Alex put together a preview full of items based on the above information from the sale and talked me through how to pair them together or with my existing closet. When you request a Trunk online, the curated Trunk preview comes straight to your email with photos and pricing where you can give feedback and/or swap things out before it ships. This time I went to Trunk Club’s LA Clubhouse, where I met Alex in person and let me tell you it was amazing!! She handed me a mimosa, and we tried on all the things!!! It was amazing to meet my stylist in person and try on so many looks. I scored on some awesome discounted pieces all from the Nordstrom Anniversary sale. So this year, skip the scrolling, pamper yourself and make an appointment at your local Trunk Club Clubhouse (located in LA, Chicago, Dallas, NY, Boston, and Washington, DC!) to shop the Nordstrom Anniversary sale! Sign up for Trunk Club here!



Tips to Becoming A Better You

After having my twins, it has been hard to get back into the groove of self-care. So much of my time has gone to ensuring my family is well cared for and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Yet, in the long run I truly know that when I am the best version of myself this translates to every aspect of my life. Something that I try to do is set goals for myself to help me achieve my happy place of self-love.

I partnered with Secret to help drive awareness about their Clinical Strength deodorant, as they are a brand that is focused on helping women take action, be proactive, demand more, and achieve what they deserve. I have used Secret Deodorant since high school and it helps me stay dry through any obstacles that comes up when I try to achieve my goals. That’s because it offers faster, extra effective protection from unexpected sweat. See how I set my goals and stick to them below:

  1. Self-evaluate: Are you being the best version of yourself? This self-reflecting can actually be the hardest step, especially since we live in the digital world of social media where you can easily spend your time comparing yourself to others. So dig deep, and ask yourself are you being the best wife, mother, friend, business owner, daughter?
  2. Set benchmarks: How are you going to measure your goal? For me it is less about hitting a certain “number”, but more about creating the habit. For instance, instead of losing 10 pounds, I will set a goal of going to the gym 5 days a week.


3.    Find a partner: I find that setting a goal with someone else holds me more accountable in attaining my goals. For example, I might have a friend meet me at the gym.

     4.    Remember it takes time: There are scientific studies that show a habit takes about 21 days to form, and only a few days to break. So stick with it, remember that you are working on the best version of you and you will succeed!

Have you tried Secret Clinical Strength yet?? It is available at Amazon.

Thanks to Secret Deodorant for sponsoring this post.


Baby Box University!

Anyone else get severe anxiety when your baby is napping?? I have been known to go into the nursery and stare at my kids to make sure they are breathing still. Of course this causes them to wake up and results in me army crawling towards the door so I don’t interrupt nap time! SIDS anxiety is real and definitely contributes to my lack of sleep.

Enter the Baby Box, a sustainably designed safe sleeping space for your baby. In Finland, these boxes have famously been used (in conjunction with education) to reduce the infant death rate to less than half of that in the U.S. The boxes also include premium baby products to support new parents as well.  With all the baby products on the market now, it can be overwhelming in which to choose and expensive for items that your newborn will outgrow. So here is the best part, the Baby Box is FREE!!!

Here is how the program works:

Parents simply sign-up at Baby Box University, watch a short series of videos selected by local experts, and then receive a free Baby Box.

Here’s what you need to do:

1. Go to BabyBoxUniversity.com and sign-up for a free account
2. Click on “Choose a Course” and select the location closest to you
3. Watch the videos that are part of your course. This will take 15-20 minutes.
4. Take the quiz
5. Receive your free Baby Box, along with helpful samples like diapers, breast milk storage bags and more!

My Baby Box came when the boys were still in the NICU, but that didn’t stop me from putting it to use when my friends brought their babies over! How cute is little Max? He slept so well in the Baby Box, while we had a little girl’s catch up and dinner. I love that the box can be taken anywhere, put in any room and you know baby is sleeping safely when he or she is in the box.