Home Upgrade: Motorized Shades by J. Geiger powered by Somfy

Over the past 10 months we have been working on remodeling certain parts of our new home in Charleston. AJ and I collectively decided to focus on two key areas in our home where our family and friends would dwell the most, the living room and the kitchen.

The living room space was first on our to-do list. AJ and I both agreed that renovating and designing anything is a journey which can at times come with added stress. So to ensure we knew exactly what we wanted, we enabled the help of an interior designer and project manager. We both put a lot of forethought into what we wanted aesthetically in our living room with an objective to get the most use out of the overall space. Someone once told me,

“Think long-term. Remember to plan not only for this stage of your life, but for the next phases, as well,”

and thus this became our mantra for our entire design process. This threw me for a loop as my list consisted of new shelving, remodeling the wet bar, etc. I completely overlooked the blinds. Then randomly the Instagram gods blessed us with an advertisement for motorized shades designed by J Geiger and powered by Somfy. We knew that these architecturally conscious motorized shades would be perfect for our new home. All J Geiger shading systems are thoughtfully designed, custom made and expertly installed to ensure all of your design needs are met. In addition to the sleek design, these motorized shades come with a long list of benefits for your home. They can help reduce energy bills, are cordless and child friendly, prevent floors and furniture from fading, boost security and privacy, provide UV protection, and improve your home’s resale value.

Our local J Geiger/Somfy dealer has been phenomenal to work with and they are true experts in their craft with helping my family choose blinds that would fit our needs and the overall aesthetic of our home. After working closely with a design consultant, we chose J Geiger’s new ‘Inception Shades’. They are child-pet safe, cordless and controlled with the simple click of a button or from your smart home device with voice command. They offer hundreds of high performance solar sheers, light-filtering privacy fabric and blackout fabric with your choice of silver or black aluminum hardware to give your home a stylish new look . No unsightly wires or screws, just a seamlessly concealed design to give any space an instant upgrade.

They were installed in less than 15 minutes and it was a game changer for our living room!! My favorite morning routine has easily become opening the motorized shades as the sun is rising over the lake in our backyard, all with a simple, “Alexa…open the living room shades’.“ J Geiger shades powered by Somfy  are an outstanding investment for your home. Functional, stylish and unlike any other shades on the market! From sunup to sun down, no need to look elsewhere… J Geiger & Somfy have everything you need to master the aesthetic of any room with minimal effort!