Why Winter Break Needs To Be Over

Disclaimer: I love my kid, like a lot.

Even though I could squeeze her until it hurts, I also need my alone time and my sanity. So at the end of winter break (yes I know it was only a little over two weeks) I am ready for the sound of the school bell.  Call me selfish, but I bet you have felt the same way as me at some point over the break.

Winter Break needs to be over because:

  1. Quiet, I just need some quite time.
  2. Distance makes the heart grow fonder.
  3. My bank account and the sitter need a break!
  4. I want to throw my activity planner out the window (no more play dates, museums, or Disneyland trips for at least a month…okay maybe a week).
  5. Mom, Party of One, needs to happen. I want to watch daytime television in my pajamas, or get ready for work without any interruptions.

Are you sad to see Winter Break come to an end? Or do you feel like school can’t start soon enough??

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