Pregnancy: The Exhaustion Is Real

Photo Credit: Kate Hauschka 

Pregnancy comes with many beautiful qualities, and many what the hell is happening to me moments. I like to call these “the little things no one tells you about” symptoms. When I was first pregnant with Willow everyone talked about how amazing they felt, when really I was feeling borderline narcoleptic over here. I literally had no energy and could easily fall asleep anywhere. I kept reading that I would be the energizer bunny when the second trimester hit, but I almost felt worse. I just thought this was normal for me and everyone is different, so this is just my plight.

With the second pregnancy, this Mama got a little smarter and realized I don’t want to be the girl snoring at the party. So here are some tips that have helped me beat exhaustion with this pregnancy. It is important to note that some fatigue is related to pregnancy hormones. Although there isn’t anything you can do to change hormone levels, I have found that these little actions help me feel alive and energized.

  1. Scheduling, scheduling, scheduling. You really might have to rearrange your schedule to allow yourself to rest more. Embrace your inner slacker and become less busy if possible. If you have more energy in the morning, schedule activities then and rest in the afternoon. Remember it is okay to say NO, and to put yourself first. Plus who is going argue with the pregnant lady?
  2. Eat regularly. This has been a lifesaver for me this pregnancy. I eat every two hours to avoid any dip in blood sugar (this has also helped my pregnancy weight gain remain steady and on point.)
  3. Moderate exercise. I know this one sounds like the complete opposite of what would make you feel better. Yet, regular exercise, even a 20 minute walk can release mood-elevating hormones and put a little pep in your step. So ignore the couch calling your name and set aside a little time for exercise.
  4. Set an earlier bedtime. Go to sleep one hour earlier than you normally would. This can give you a bit more energy in the morning.
  5. Ask for help! This is what I wish I would have done more of during my first pregnancy. You don’t have to be Wonder Woman, and there are people who will help you! Asking is the first step!!!


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