A Letter to 2017

Dear 2017,

Oh, how exciting you have been!

I got to learn about how the biggest blessings sometimes come after long periods of frustration (emphasis on blessings, click here to check out my full post on fertility and our long journey to getting pregnant with twins). Though our road to grow our family wasn’t as quick or simple as we hoped, twins were well worth the wait!! Since finding out the news earlier this year, our family has gone through some major changes in preparation for our two new additions!

We moved! I LOVE our new home!! Though it’s still a work in progress and decorating a new home has been an interesting feat midway through a pregnancy, it’s been a joy to to fill it up with the help of Willow now that she’s a little bit older to have an opinion. Though we’re still working on a few rooms, our new home is certainly being filled with new memories! We’ve already hosted a few parties! Christmas Day, the twins gender reveal, and countless girls days with my sister, niece, and friends!

With the family expanding, thank you for giving me the time to discover a newfound love for trying new recipes. Since we will soon have more mouths to feed, it was especially fun to get a famous chef in the kitchen (major thanks to Cat Cora for enlightening me on how to make the best cookies!! Recipe here). I’ve also found some other new healthy favorites, and started to get Willow in the kitchen to help! Check out all of these here.

Speaking of food, time for a snack (pregnancy food cravings have been hitting me every two hours)!

So I’ll leave you with this 2017 – thanks to you, I am ready and looking forward to the new year! I can’t wait for EVERYTHING that’s to come!

I wish you and your families a 2018 filled with love, laughter and light. Thanks for following along.






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