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As a nurse working in many different facilities over the last 10 years, I can’t tell you how many times patients came in with worsening conditions due to the fact that they would avoid needed hospitalization because of their health care insurance. At a time where they should have been focused solely on their health and working on getting better, they were worried about how much their care would cost.


How crazy is that? So many of these patients worked out on a regular basis, ate healthy and were proactive about their overall health in so many ways, but stopped short when it came to health insurance coverage. Make sure you have your health covered today! Open enrollment is still going on until December 15th, and is an open period of time in which you can apply for health insurance coverage for 2018. Oscar Health has created resources that help break down complex health terminology to make health plans and getting covered easier to understand. Go visit Oscar Health Coverage for more information.

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