The Party That Changed My Life!


This past weekend was finally the moment we had been waiting for! AJ and I  found out the genders of our twins and BOY were we in for a surprise. 😉

Leading up to the day of my party I wasn’t exactly nervous. I was excited but when the day finally came and I had so many butterflies in my stomach. More than anything I just wanted my babies to be healthy, but of course I was looking forward to knowing what these little bundles of joy would be.

I was so lucky to have such an amazing team of people help me put together my gender reveal party. The weather was perfect, as most days in California are but since it was an outdoor party the cool weather and sunshine made the day that much more pleasant. PRIV did my hair and makeup the morning of, which definitely helped me out as I was trying to relax and let every moment of the day sink in.

Our close friends and family were there to celebrate with us. Thank goodness I had some fellow moms-to-be there so we could exchange stories and sip on delicious “mocktails” made by Health-Ade Kombucha. 

The real adults got to drink Babe Rosé by Swish Beverages that matched out decor perfectly!

One of my favorite decorations of the party was the dessert table, lined with the cutest baby cake pops and beautiful balloon decorations from Brag Designs.

Also, we had The Lobos Food Truck come and serve up mini chicken sliders and fries for everyone. It turned out to be a hit!

Once everyone was well feed and mingled for a bit it was time for the big reveal.

Willow and AJ did the honors of opening the first box while everyone gathered around. We took a bet from the crowd before we opened the box, and most people thought we were having two girls.

The first box slowly opened and blue balloons came flying up! As you can see from my reaction I was definitely surprised but mostly so excited! I wish more people were there to have seen AJ’s reaction…priceless! Willow, and most of the kids at the party, got a little startled by all of the commotion. So we held her when opening the second box.

Then it was time to open the second box and guess what?! It was blue balloons AGAIN!

That’s right, we are having TWIN BOYS!

We could not be happier to bring the Buckley boys into this world very soon!

Willow was really banking on a girl and a boy but we’re sure once they come she’ll be excited and jump right into her role as a big sister.

Now that we know it will be boys, it’s time I start shopping for my little men and relaxing for just a little bit longer until they make their big debut.

Again, I couldn’t have done all of this without the support of you guys, my friends and family and all of the people that made this party possible!


Special Thanks To:


Shop Pink Blush

Brag Designs balloons

Health-Ade Kombucha

Mi Florita flower arrangements

The Lobos Truck


Swish Beverages

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