New Year…New You

I hope you all are having a wonderful beginning to 2017. I know that the New Year is supposed to be full of crazy resolutions, but I thought I would set some intentions instead. At times I feel like throwing around resolutions that may be easily broken can be a bit frustrating. So in choosing intentions rather than resolutions, I am making changes in my life by focusing on the process rather than the end result. Intentions make me feel like I am living each day to the fullest, and attempting to live primarily in the present. I also like to get really nerdy and pick a theme word or phrase for the year. So for 2017 my word is…. GROWTH.

I recently read an article on ( For The New Year, Do Something Better Than a Resolution) that stated, “by offering the universe an intention and repeating it everyday you will train your brain to adapt to a new way of thinking  and you will begin to identify with a higher vision of your life”.  This resonated with me so much! I also loved the articles four intentions:

  • I want a joyful, energetic body.
  • I want a loving, compassionate heart.
  • I want a restful, alert mind.
  • I want lightness of being.

I hope you all have had a wonderful start to your year! If you love the idea of intentions, repeat these four every morning while you have your coffee, before the kids wake up and you give yourself some time for you!

New Year…new stroller.  How sleek does this GB Maris 3-in-1 travel system stroller look? We have been using it non-stop, and Willow actually asks to get in it. Which is rare for a two year old right? I think she likes her new ride!

Photography Credit: Kate Hauschka Photography

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